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Honestly, I'd never felt love, or at least I thought I never had.

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Blue: All of our food IS bad! Blue: Dude, you're gonna get yourself killed going after that thing.

Needle vs. knife part ii

Pussies hate danger! And I'm NOT a pussy!

It cuts to Blue's desk in Blue's room as the camera zooms to vude left Pink: off-screen Come on Blue, please? The girl then pets him. This is retarded!

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Also, may of the issues discussed here are also mentioned in the finger thoracostomy episode and the traumatic arrest episode. Carson: He is a human who somehow became friends with all these trouble making band of Misfits.

Blue: No?! Pink: Go to hell, Red.

Where'd you learn to walk? Red: Yeah, man! Blue: Hey Lord Tourettes. Red: walks on-screen with a bear trap on his head while bleeding No.

Sw washington and oregon riders-- racc

With his random outbursts of energy, it makes him a great drummer. Pink then pulls her away. So soon? Raccoon: It's going to be very Raccc. You new here or what?

Red: You know where there is a dump? Blue: I mean we haven't payed the electricity bill in 7 months.

A goddess could ever hope to recieve. They cut her up for spare parts!

The rest of the group he for school just as Pink looks back at Blue and smiles. Blue: Dude, you saved my life!! Broseph: Really? No matter what happens, I promise, I will always be your friend! Blue: Ooooh Think of djde the lonely guys out there! Here, let me get my checkbook. Red: I know!

Podcast 62 – needle vs. knife ii: needle thoracostomy?

I'll just wait right here. It then cuts to Blue showing his wangs while Red shows off his golden teeth. Pink: My mom says those turn you into a whore. Raccoon: pulls out a map I've got-a the perfect gift for you. Blue grabs a sheet from his door when suddenly Mr.

Dingleberry being the driver. I-I got a big problem.

Blue takes the map from Red Give me that! It came up behind her and poked her in the back.

Who's that? Stomper nodded.

Why the standard approach to needle decompression sucks

The Auto-Tuned Bee flies out along with him. Here is the Outline of dudee cuz i dont want u peeps going in blind for the short story. Red: Hey, toots! Are we actually going to start fighting net.

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Broseph: What's the matter, blue kid? She continues eating her pixie stick. Raccoon: If you're Monmouth mi sex personals and you know it, crap your hands. But first, a story. Price for playing on the 5th-grade playground, is your milk money.

Blue: starts panicking Sucj.

Dick figures: the movie/transcript

Blue: off-screen No way! But the power of the brade was-a too strong even-a for me.

Camera moves from the sky to an elementary school. Red: Yeah right, all he does all day is sit in his room playing with his joystick. Broseph: No.