Mar 26, 2017

Schedule A Presentation

To request a 40-60 minute presentation on effective food storage strategies for your church or community group in northern Utah, contact me. (Due to the number of requests for presentations, I’m having to limit presentations to large audiences such as LDS stake and multi-stake groups.)

What people are saying about Liesa’s presentation:

“Though I have cans of dry goods stored, I’ve never been able to figure out how to get them out of the basement and into my kitchen, easily blended into the meals my family already enjoys. [Liesa] demystified this process for me…”

—Stephanie Ririe-Tanner, co-founder of Wisteria Pictures documentary film company and mother of three

“As opposed to the sometimes vague sense of feeling overwhelmed that talks or presentations on food storage/ family history/etc. leave us with . . . I was motivated to “do better.”

—Becky Owen, adjunct Health, Wellness and Recreation instructor at Westminster College and private tutor at Rowland Hall St. Mark’s Schools

“…cooking with whole grains is as healthy as it is thrifty and provident. It’s hard to find really good recipes for whole grains, but Liesa had a packet of recipes that included great ways to serve wheat. It was enough to get me into the habit of cooking with wheat and other grains.”

—Ruth Ann Abbott, Park City High School math teacher, with MS in Math Education from Xavier University

“Liesa’s ideas were simple and practical and showed me how to incorporate and rotate the food storage essentials into the meals my family is already eating so that it is constantly replenished and not wasted . . . I also was amazed at how little room it takes to store a years supply, and how inexpensive it was compared to what I had feared.”

—Michelle Reedy, mother of four from Holladay, Utah,
master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy

“We finally sat through a presentation on food storage preparedness and were not discouraged at the end of it. Liesa’s display of the space needed for major storage items and the mainstream recipes that can be prepared were welcome. It was nice to see the food purchased based on a meal plan and monthly schedule that we can develop as a family.”

—Jeff and Angela Smart. Parents of two, Jeff is the Substance Abuse Prevention Manager for Salt Lake County and Angela a researcher for a behavioral health provider

“For years I thought of food storage as buying lots of things you don’t normally eat, storing them for five to six years, then throwing them away and starting over. Six months ago my wife and I took a class from Liesa that changed all that! We now buy only food that our family likes to eat that we regularly rotate and enjoy. Nothing is wasted. In fact we’re saving money because we buy in bulk! This practical program has been like manna to our family, a term that is sometimes used to describe ‘something unexpected and delightful.”

—Tom Lund, Vice President, Zions Bank Corporate Sales Group