Apr 29, 2017

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In my new book, I Dare You to Eat It, I share with readers the system I have developed over the past twenty years for integrating food storage into everyday life.

I Dare You to Eat It walks readers step-by-step through designing food storage to fit your family’s needs and preferences. In Chapter 1 I discuss the role of provident living in helping us to follow God’s plan and reach out to others. Chapter 2 provides an overview of a practical system for integrating food storage into normal, everyday meals. Chapter 3 explains the simple steps for implementing your own food storage plan, tailored to the way your family eats, followed by more than forty easy food storage recipes in Chapter 4. And Chapter 5 provides further advice, responding to frequently asked questions about storing dried goods and using stored food.

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The book also contains resources to help you:


Decide which foods your family should store

Calculate how much food you need to store

Design a 3-month and longer-term food storage that your family will actually eat

Organize your food storage plan

Store food using limited space

Cook with long-term storage ingredients, such as wheat and dried beans

Save time in planning and shopping for meals

What people are saying about the book:

“For those of us who are a little slow obeying the letter of the law, here is the spirit behind it, explained gently, persuasively, and by example. If this combination of great ideas and spiritual insight doesn’t convince you to get your food storage in order, perhaps nothing will.”

—Stephanie Griffin, attorney and homemaker

“As one who has always believed in obeying the principle of food storage I am overcome by the way [Liesa has] put to paper this principle.  Every subheading has me nodding in agreement and having that feeling of familiarity that comes from the testifying of truth.”

—Carol Theurer, mother of five and former Relief Society President

“At some point, the tears started streaming down my face, and my coworkers would never have believed that I was reading about food storage… it just exudes Liesa’s strong spirit and testimony.”

—Molly Justice, Systems Analyst for Workers Compensation Fund, marathoner and mother of two

“I have read a lot of books on Food Storage and they all seem to say the exact same thing.  Liesa’s book however gives Food Storage a new twist that was FUN and EASY and MADE SO MUCH SENSE TO ME.  If I had to think of one word to describe “I Dare You to Eat It …it would be REFRESHING.”

—Lynda Gallagher, Trauma Intervention Program volunteer for Southern Nevada and certified massage therapist

“…Liesa’s sense of humor and true wit are crazy fun—to the point that my husband made me go read in another room because I couldn’t stifle the laughing behind my hands enough to keep it quiet.”

—Virginia Hoffman, Design Center Manager for Casa Bella Interiors + Design in Park City

“Liesa Card’s explanation of food storage principles and techniques was excellent. As a child I was brought up in India during the 2nd World War and not only my parents but the majority of people in India stored ample food…Times have changed but the need to be self-sufficient is the same.”

—Nighat Majid, New Jersey/Dubai mother of two adult daughters

“The provident living principles elucidated in the first few chapters are applicable to many areas of life beyond food storage.  I appreciated the opportunity the book provided for me to consider all ways in which I can better follow the prophets’ counsel to be prepared.”

—Cecily P. Vaughn, Research and Development Scientist at ARUP Institute for Clinical and Experimental Pathology

This is just what I need to get more organized in my food storage and then start using it. Liesa presents an easy to follow plan that I’ve never seen or heard before. The book is inspiring because it makes food storage sound do-able by anyone.

—Melanie Leatham, stay-at-home mother of five living in Las Vegas