Apr 29, 2017

About Me—Liesa Card—and My Own Food Storage Journey

There are all sorts of pre-conceived notions about food storage and the people who promote food storage. I do not fit that mold. I’m a working mother who has successfully run my own business for over twenty years; I’ve raised five daughters; and I’ve served in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I am living proof that food storage doesn’t have to be your life in order to bless your life. Rather than a set of practices that complicate life, I see food storage as a divine program that has simplified my life. My message is that food storage is part of the whole gospel plan and an opportunity that any bright individual wouldn’t want to miss.

After many years of trial and error, I found the course that works for my family: it involved 1) gradually building a year’s supply of basic dry goods suggested by the Church, and 2) designing thirty meals and purchasing a three-month supply of canned, dried, or bottled ingredients for those meals, with fresh ingredients added as necessary and as available.

Now my family has food storage we’re comfortable eating on a daily basis. It slices! It dices! No, not really. We’re still just talking about mostly canned goods.  But once I figured out how I could design and regularly use my food storage there was an actual shift in my lifestyle. I was prepared with the things my family was used to eating, I knew exactly how to cook with the supplies I had stored, and I began reaping the numerous blessings of that preparation.