Apr 29, 2017


This Mother’s Day gift absolutely melted my heart!

If you’re wondering what to do for dear ol’ Dad next month, maybe making your own little family film would be a meaningful way to give him a giant hug.



  1. Kris Says:

    Best gift E.V.E.R.!!! You are one lucky momma! (okay, so I have heard of some of the moments of trial but this video must make up for a good portion of all those trials, right?) xoxo

    p.s. I love the new hair cuts and colors :)

  2. Liesa Says:

    Thanks Kris! Difficult times come and go. Wonderful to see that the cream is what rises to the top!
    And they do like to play around and experiment with their hair. Makes me happy because I was always preaching, “your hair is NOT who you are.”

  3. Laura at TenThingsFarm Says:

    I shared this on facebook last night – I hope that’s OK! It really warms my heart!

  4. Liesa Says:

    Share on Laura! Best thing about this little film is that the girls captured exactly what a parents wants to hear from their child, as in, what the parent tried to give made some kind of difference in the life of the child. Period. Every one of us has a similar story. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, all wrapped up in a little film, might just be the perfect way to share that story:) xo Liesa

  5. Kathryn Carmona Says:


    What a beautiful tribute to you, an amazing woman, mother, artist, and adventurer!

    Love you! Kathryn

  6. Liesa Says:

    Love you too Kathryn! Remember when you were watching Lizzie and she had those giant cheeks? We will always bless your name for being so good to one of ours. xoxoxo

  7. Allyson Reynolds Says:

    Get. Out. LOVE!!!!

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